People Are Priority One

DiverseGOV puts a priority on people, and we’ve gained an excellent reputation as a government supplier because of it. Through our unique and tailored recruitment process, we are able to better match highly qualified job seekers with the position that makes sense for their life. Happy workers keep work environments both pleasant and productive. We are committed to constant improvement of our methods and services to provide for the needs of both our employees and our customers in a way that fosters respect and reliability.

What makes us different? DiverseGOV proactively identifies the best and brightest talent in a number of roles which we are typically called on to supply. We take into consideration not only the skills, but also the requirements which you, as a potential employee, are looking. We don’t spend time to convince you to accept a position that is not right for your career or personal goals. We know that matching the right candidate to the right position is essential to any successful employment relationship. If we understand what is critical for your personal situation and what you are qualified for, we can quickly connect you with the right position when it becomes available. DiverseGOV continues to work closely with you during the entire hiring process and beyond. From extensive screening or security clearance procedures to personal interviews with the potential supervisor, your recruiter will ensure you are prepared for every step of the process. We will check in with you on your first day and continue our communication with as you complete your online time card, become eligible for benefits and discover if the job is truly right for you.

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