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One of the easiest ways to start the journey to a better tomorrow is to fill out our online application process. Once you’ve done that, you’re on your way to finding your next job. We’ll review your application and determine if you’re a good fit for DiverseGOV. Once we’ve done that, one of our staffing recruiters will contact you to schedule an in-person interview so that we can start looking for the right placement for you.

The online application process allows you to fill out a form and upload your resume. This phase of the staffing process just allows DiverseGOV to get to know you a little bit before we actually bring you in for an interview. We want to review your work history and see what kind of employment opportunities might best fit your goals and experiences.

Once we have met with you and determined your career goals and needs, you can start using our job board to find the right position for you. Through the job board, you’ll find positions that include administrative support, call center reps, technical positions, and skilled labor jobs.

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