October Associate of the Month

At Diverse Staffing, we take great pride in our associates and the work they do. Because our associates are so dedicated and productive, we like to take the time to recognize them and their accomplishments. Our Greenwood Recruiting Center launched a new program in August to start recognizing individual associates for their:

  • Attendance records
  • Skills
  • Recognition from clients/placement
  • Time with Diverse Staffing
  • Work performance

Through the Associate of the Month program, Diverse Staffing is able to engage and recognize our most dedicated and talented workers. This month, we’re excited to announce that Pamela Raber received the Associate of the Month award for our Greenwood Recruiting Center. Pamela is a dedicated Diverse Staffing associate who exemplifies excellent work performance and attendance.

When asked about her experience with Diverse Staffing, Pamela said, “Without Diverse Staffing, I’m not sure I would’ve ever had the chance to get my foot in the door with a great company. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to prove myself and grow with the company.”

We’re glad you’re part of our team, too, Pamela. Keep up the great work!

October Associate of the Month


Making a Great Candidate First Impression

We’ve talked extensively about employee engagement, but what about candidates? How should you be interacting with candidates? While you may not think it’s important, you need to make a great first impression on candidates. When you don’t make a solid first impression, you aren’t going to capture the right candidates.

Without a great first impression, candidates are more likely to turn away from you and choose a different company. By providing a great candidate experience and making that first impression fantastic, you could end up turning candidates into long-term associates or employees.

Get Your Message On Point

From your website to print collateral, candidates are going to read about your company in one form or another. In today’s world, candidates will most likely learn about you from your website, a job posting, an employer review, or a social media site. It can be difficult to manage all of these messages, but it’s crucial to not only have a defined message for candidates, but also a consistent message. Make sure that all of the content you have in various places match your company, your message, and what you offer candidates.

Test Your Processes

If you’re hiring someone, then you have at least one process in place. During the hiring, interviewing, and screening processes, you could be sending candidates away without even knowing it. You need to review and test these processes every few months to see if there is anywhere you can improve on things. When you have a great application process, a solid interview process, and an engaged onboarding process, you can better attract top talent.

Office Setting

We aren’t necessarily talking about the physical location of your office, though having a great location definitely helps. You need to think about the way your office is laid out—what is visible to candidates when they walk in, and how you will greet those candidates. Having an organized office that is inviting to candidates can help you create a great first impression.

Ultimately, first impressions can be the difference between onboarding a new candidate and not. Make sure you’re creating great experiences.

How do you create a great first impression for candidates? Do you have any tips for others? Leave your stories and suggestions in the comments section below!

Why You Need to Know Your Employees

Depending on what industry you’re in, you may find it difficult to find the right candidates or even to retain your best employees. From salaries, to commute times, all the way to employee engagement, there are several factors for employee retention rates. One way to help keep top talent in your workplace is to know your employees.

While there might be a traditional separation of executives and managers from their employees, there doesn’t need to be. By learning what employees like about their jobs, what they don’t like, what they spend their free time doing, and what their career goals are, you can better connect with them.

Here are three reasons why you need to know your employees and make better connections:

1. Improve Retention Rates

It’s no secret that retention rates can affect the activities of your business. From a loss of productivity to the costs of hiring a new employee, high turnover rates have a huge impact on your business functions. By taking the time to get to know employees, you increase engagement and can better satisfy employee needs. Don’t just say hi to employees. Instead, encourage them to communicate with you on ways to improve the work environment and other innovative ideas they may have. Open and honest communication between managers and employees can go a long way.

2. Accelerate Growth

You could have a star employee and not know it. You could lose that star employee and lose innovation, productivity, and opportunity to grow your company. If an employee isn’t comfortable or feels like they don’t matter at work, then they’ll keep their ideas to themselves. When this happens, it could mean losing out on opportunities to grow, expand, improve processes, and ultimately grow revenue. Instead, talk with your employees, establish communication channels, and put effort into making them understand you are interested in their ideas.

3. Increase Productivity

While it was mentioned earlier, opening up communication channels with your employees and getting to know their needs can increase and improve productivity. By knowing your employees, they are more likely to care about the work they are doing, which will increase their productivity. When productivity increases, oftentimes, profits increase. By taking a few minutes every day or every week to talk to employees, you have the potential to see dramatic rises in productivity.

How do you get to know your employees? What are some of the employee engagement success stories at your companies? Leave your stories and suggestions in the comments section below!

Making a Great First Impression

When you are preparing for your upcoming interview, you need to think about the impression you are going to make. There are many factors of a first impression and it’s important to know and understand what they are. While it certainly isn’t a fun thing to think about, it’s important to understand that hiring managers will be judging you during your interview. Making a great first impression could mean the difference of getting a second interview and being dismissed as a serious candidate right away.

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