Positioning for Success: Keeping Your Job

Now that you’ve developed a process and created purpose for your life and career, you need to discover your payoff: keeping your job. After you land your next job or begin your next career, it’s important to think of every day as a job interview. By doing this, you’ll stay motivated to always do a great job and put forth your best effort.

But how do you go about doing that? What does the process look like for keeping your job? Here are five great tips for your career success and keeping your job:

1. Accept the new reality

It may take a little while for you to adjust to life with a new job or career, but you need to do your best to adjust and accept the new reality as quickly as possible. By doing this, you’ll be able to take ownership of your work responsibilities much earlier and be more successful at your job.

2. Take charge of your career development

In many careers, you will be responsible for staying on top of the latest trends and learning new skills. Don’t be passive about this. If you want to keep your job and get better jobs in the future, you need to take charge of your development and go after things. It’s okay to be a little aggressive in this area if it leads to you being a better employee.

3. Have an ownership mentality

There’s a good chance you won’t actually own the company, but having an ownership mentality can go a long way for your current position and your future career. What does this mean? It means caring about the success of the company and your role within the company.

4. Build your brand

We talked about this in creating purpose, but you need to do more than just establish your personal brand. You need to develop it. You need to work towards recognition and knowledge in your career. By doing this, you’ll become an expert and a source for others working in your industry.

5. Consider yourself an independent contractor

While you need to be a team player and work toward the betterment of the company, you also need to watch out for yourself as an employee. Independent contractors work for themselves and are considered about their own well-being. You need to have this mentality. If a work situation isn’t working out for you anymore, then you need to work towards making it better or finding another opportunity.

What do you do in order to keep you job on a daily basis? Leave your tips and stories in the comments section below!