Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, it can be difficult to stand out. Through your networking efforts and your job applications, you need to be rising above the crowd. But in today’s job market, how do you do that? How do you get employers to notice you and be impressed with what you have to offer? The answer is simple: optimize your LinkedIn profile.

While the answer is simple, the process of actually optimizing your LinkedIn profile may take some time and work. For some, it could be the matter of simply changing one word, while for others, it may mean redoing your entire profile.

Here are five ways to better optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you in your job search:

1. Claim a Vanity URL

Every LinkedIn profile has a URL. Most likely, your URL contains random numbers, letters, and symbols. In order to gain a competitive advantage, you can create a custom or vanity URL that is specific to your profile. Best practice for this would be to make it your name. By creating this, you’ll be able to share your profile in a more professional way.

Vanity URL

2. Show Samples of Your Work and Skills

One great feature of LinkedIn that many aren’t aware of and don’t take advantage of is the ability to show examples of work. This could be anything from a report you worked on to a project that you completed. As a visual representation of your work and skills, these content features can really boost your ability to impress potential employers

3. Add Skills and Ask for EndorsementsAdd Skills

One great way to get people to find your profile is by adding skills to your profile. In this section, you can add skills ranging from critical thinking to in-depth skills that are specific to your field. Want to get even more views? Ask for endorsements. You can ask clients and colleagues specifically for endorsements or you can endorse others in hopes that they will endorse you and your skills in return.

4. SEO Still Matters

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and while LinkedIn isn’t a search engine, it still works the same way. People can search for skills, location, and job titles using LinkedIn. You need to make sure the words you are using in every section of your profile match your career and your career objectives so that when others are searching for potential employees or contacts, they can find you.

5. Check for Completeness

It might seem like a simple suggestion, but going back over your profile to make sure it is complete is a great way to start. If you leave out a section or don’t completely fill one out, you could be missing out on valuable search results. Remember, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is all about attracting searchers to your profile and standing out. Make sure you content is to the point, but also enticing to those who may want to add you to their team.

What tips do you have for optimizing a LinkedIn profile? Have you had any success finding a job with your profile? Leave your suggestions and stories in the comments section below!