How to Handle Job Rejection

Being rejected for the job you really wanted can be difficult. You worked hard on crafting a great cover letter and updating your resume. No matter where you were in the interview process—just finished a third interview or didn’t even make it to the first round of interviewing—getting that rejection letter can be difficult. However, there is a right way to handle job rejection.

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August Associate of the Month

At Diverse Staffing, we take great pride in our associates and the work they do. Because our associates are so dedicated and productive, we like to take the time to recognize them and their accomplishments. Our Greenwood Recruiting Center launched a new program in August to start recognizing individual associates for their:

  • Attendance records
  • Skills
  • Recognition from clients/placement
  • Time with Diverse Staffing
  • Work performance

Through the Associate of the Month program, Diverse Staffing is able to engage and recognize our most dedicated and talented workers. This month, we’re excited to announce that Erik Baldwin recieved the Associate of the Month award for our Greenwood Recruiting Center. Erik is a dedicated Diverse Staffing associate who exemplifies excellent work performance and attendance.

Keep up the great work Erik!

Associate of the Month

Writing Great Job Postings

Are you tired of candidates passing your job postings? Not getting the response to your advertisements that you hoped for? One thing you need to evaluate is the way you are writing and presenting your current job postings. You may not think too much about it, but candidates can easily be turned off from your company and job opportunities if you are publishing poorly written job posts.

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Writing Your Cover Letter

Filling out a job application isn’t as simple as just checking a few boxes on a form. In today’s job market, you need to set yourself above the competition. Stand out from other job applicants. One of the best ways to do that is by crafting an amazing cover letter. You can’t use the same generic cover letter for every application you submit. Rather, you need to be creating content that is specific to every job you are applying to.

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5 Reasons to Consider Temp Staffing

Your workforce determines how productive and successful your company is. Without the right employees and associates, your company could be incredibly undervalued right now. So how do you get those employees in your office, on your manufacturing floor, or in your call center? Partner with a staffing firm that can help you find the best temporary employees possible. Temp staffing solutions are great ways to improve your business, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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Resume Best Practices: Writing Your Objective for Resumes

When you begin applying for jobs, there is one crucial thing you need to be thinking about: your objective statement. In order to set yourself apart from other applicants, your objective needs to be detailed, tailored to your career goals, and tailored to the job you are applying for. If your overall career goals don’t align with the company or position you are applying for, then you need to rethink applying. Crafting the perfect objective for resumes can be difficult, but with a few questions in mind, you have a great statement sure to capture and engage your future employer.

Writing an objective for your resume is actually more important than just putting a sentence at the top of your resume. It’s a process that needs time and consideration. Ultimately, this statement needs to reflect who you are and what your career goals are. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

What type of work environment do you thrive in?

While it may not be the most important question, you still need to know what type of work environment and culture you want to work in and be a part of. When you know these things, you can seek out companies that offer these settings. Accepting a position at a job in which you don’t fit with the environment can lead to unhappiness and eventually leaving the job. Be upfront with potential employers about the type of environment you work best in.

What skills do you hope to cultivate and develop?

Your job isn’t just about getting work done. It’s about advancing your role and your career. By telling a potential employer about the skills you want to develop and the skills you want to utilize, they get a better understanding of who you are as an employee. As an employee, you should always be looking for ways to be better at your job, gain valuable skills that transfer from company to company and increase your knowledge in special areas.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Looking to the future can be intimidating sometimes, but having some sort of career plan can help land you your dream job. By having a career plan, you set goals for yourself. Potential employers want to see that you’re motivated and dedicated when it comes to your professional life because that more than likely means you are motivated and dedicated to doing a fantastic job.

What type of work are you seeking out?
Your objective statement needs to have one overall theme: what type of work do you do better than anyone else? By answering that question you are establishing your personal differentiator. You’re telling potential employers what you do and why you do it so well. Maybe it’s your analytical mind or your own creative process. Whatever it is, be sure you explain what type of work you do well and the type of work you want to be doing.

Do you have any recommendations for writing objectives for resumes? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comments section below!

Retaining Your Employees

One of the most crucial things in business is keeping your top employees. Not only will your business be more successful with amazing employees, but your customers will be happier, production will increase, and your overhead costs will more than likely decrease. Retaining your employees is one of the best things for your company.

But sometimes that isn’t easy. Employees leave for several reasons. Commute times. Better pay. Disagree with management. The list for why employees leave goes on and on. However, with the right tools and strategies you can retain your employees and keep your business successful.

RecognitionEmployee Recognition

One of the things top employees look for in an employer is recognition. If they’re going to work hard for you, then they want to be recognized for that. For many employees, this isn’t a question of pay. Sure, raises go a long way, but most employees are looking for more than that. If they do a great job with a campaign, make a top sale, or cover for a coworker who is on vacation or sick, then do something to recognize your star employee’s job well done.


Employees are looking for transparency and understanding when it comes to their roles and the company they are working for. Managers, supervisors, HR, CEOs, owners, anyone who is in charge of someone else should be in constant communication with those who work under them. When you successfully engage employees, you can better understand them, their points of views, and what changes they’d like to see at the company. Engaging your top employees can help you retain your employees.

DevelopmentEmployee Development

While retaining employees is important, you should also focus on developing your employees. Give them the tools they need in order to grow
as an employee and as an individual. For some, this may mean a continued education program, budgets to attend conferences, or even a community improvement day. By helping your employees develop, you’ll end up retaining them.


It’s no secret that a lot of employees leave companies for better benefits. This doesn’t always mean more money, but sometimes it does. Benefits can mean money, insurance, PTO, holidays, flexible hours, flexible schedules, and a lot of other things. When you offer these benefits to employees, they are more likely going to stick around. All of these things further employee engagement, employee happiness, and overall productivity.

Retaining your employees comes down to a few key things: recognition, engagement, development, and benefits. In order to keep your star employees from jumping ship, you need to assess these things and make the necessary changes.

What do you do to retain your employees? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below!


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Resume Best Practices: Things to Avoid on Your Resume Template

Writing your resume can be tricky. From things to avoid to things you have to include, there are several things to keep in mind. The ultimate goal of your resume is to convey to an employer you’re the best candidate. You want that phone call for an interview. You want that dream job. But you won’t get your foot in the door without a solid resume template.

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