Writing Great Job Postings

Are you tired of candidates passing your job postings? Not getting the response to your advertisements that you hoped for? One thing you need to evaluate is the way you are writing and presenting your current job postings. You may not think too much about it, but candidates can easily be turned off from your company and job opportunities if you are publishing poorly written job posts.

It can be difficult to find the time needed to write quality job postings, but they are crucial to your recruiting efforts. Whether you’re a staffing agency or a company who hires on occasion, crafting great content for open positions should be among your strategies of targeting, engaging, and hiring great candidates.

Job Title

Writing an obscure job title is a sure way to get overlooked. If you’re looking for an account manager, but title it Tier 2 Manager because that’s how you reference the job internally, people won’t understand what the position actually is. For many job seekers, the job title is the first thing they see and will skip over your posting, if the title is not applicable or understandable. Simplify things by using plain terms for your job title.

Company Description

One thing that many companies skip over when writing a job posting is a company description. This description doesn’t need to be five paragraphs long. It simply needs to inform the candidate of whom you are and what it’s like working at your company. This section doesn’t need to be rewritten for every posting, but should explain in quick details what you are all about.

Position Description

Right after you provide a company description, you need to let job candidates know more by providing a position description. No one is going to apply to your open position, if you haven’t provided enough details on the requirements and expected work. Also, as you are crafting this section, be sure you make a bulleted list so that job candidates can easily read what you expect of your future employee.


Looking past the requirement in the position description, you need to list the requirements of working at the company. This is where you include things like necessary skills, education, and work experience. If the job includes standing all day or having the ability to lift 50 pounds, then you should also include that.


Something else that many job candidates want to know is the benefits you offer. Do you pay for medical and dental? Are there personal days? Paid time off? Let potential hires know these things, so they have a better idea of what your company is like. Also, if you are able to, list the salary range to increase the number of applicants.

Writing a great job posting is all about information. Providing enough and the right information can make your posting stand out and attract the right candidates. What do you include in your job postings? Let us know in the comments section below!