Using Video for Job Postings

Connecting with job candidates can be extremely difficult. Sometimes, those written job descriptions just aren’t enough. From coming off as flat to getting lost in the shuffle of a job board, your posts just aren’t getting noticed. However, one way you can stand out is by using videos for job postings.

Video is becoming increasingly important for marketing and will more than likely become important for recruiting and sourcing new hires. With videos, you can actually show candidates what it’s like to work at your company and engage with those who may be interested. There are actually a lot of great benefits for using video for job postings.

Reach a Wider Audience

With video, you have a much greater chance of reaching more people. Not only can you post the video on your website, but you can host on sites like YouTube and share it through social networks and email campaigns. People will find your video much more interesting than a written job post and will be far more likely to share with friends, colleagues, and others in their networks.

Engage with Job Candidates

One of the most difficult things to accomplish with a written job posting is engaging with your target candidates. Because written words often come off as flat, you can easily lose candidates in a sentence or even a word. With a video, candidates will feel more like you’re talking directly to them, which should help increase your responses and interactions.

Stand Out

It’s incredibly easy to get lost on job board sites. New jobs are posted almost every minute, which means the perfect candidate for your open position may never even see that you’re hiring. Listing open positions on your company website may not work either because some don’t think to check there. The best way to really stand out when it comes to finding job applicants is to create video content. Use a video to talk about your company, culture, and the type of candidate you’re looking for.

Show Off Personality

Most people want to work for a company that fosters a great working environment and supports a culture that is fun, engaging, and open. You can show all of that through video much more effectively than through written content. By using B-roll, you can show employees working, engaging, and interacting. You can also show potential job candidates where they’d be working and who they’d be working with. Don’t be afraid to create a video that is a little silly and fun. Remember, the video is supposed to help viewers get a better sense of your company, the position, and the people.

Have you ever created a video job posting? Have any tips? Leave your questions and suggestions in the comments section below!