Questions Not to Ask in an Interview

In our last post, we talked about the importance of asking questions  in an interview and gave you some examples of questions you should be asking. Something else that is as equally important to know is what questions not to ask in an interview. When you ask the wrong questions during an interview, you can come off as aggressive and forceful, which can cause the interviewer dismissing you as a candidate.

Here are a few questions not to ask in an interview:

  • What does your company do? Questions like this are basic and show you didn’t do any research. It’s key to do research and learn about an organization before an interview.
  • What is the salary? If this is your first interview, then this question is really inappropriate. Salary should only be discussed when the job is offered to you or when you are in the final stages of the process.
  • How often do you give raises? When you ask this question, it shows that you are unhappy about the salary being offered. You want the employer to know you are eager to work there, regardless of your chance to get a pay raise.
  • How long will it take to be promoted? When you ask this, you’re really saying you don’t want the position you applied for. Instead, ask what the opportunities for advancement within the organization are like.
  • When can I take my first vacation? This question is premature, unless you have the job. Asking this question shows that you already want to get away from the job.
  • Does the company monitor Internet use? This question is a huge red flag for any employer. No matter the organization’s policy, asking this shows you may be using company time to do things online that have nothing to do with work.
  • Can I work from home? A perfectly legitimate question in some situations, but this is a perk most companies are just now starting to offer and most likely won’t offer it to a new employee. When you ask this, it shows you don’t want to be at the office or maybe even the organization.
  • Do you offer flex time? Having a balance between work and your life is important, but it’s something you have to build up to. Wait until you actually have the job to discuss these situations.

As you prepare for your interview, think about the questions you are going to ask at the end and make sure they aren’t the wrong ones. Asking the wrong questions in an interview, can lead to the interviewing deciding you aren’t a good fit. When you are preparing for your interview, think about the questions you are going to ask and decide if they are the right ones or the wrong ones.

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