Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Last week, we talked about how social media is a great way to search for a new job. This week, we’re focusing on LinkedIn and the benefits of the site in your job search.

Of all the social media sites out there, LinkedIn is regarded as the most professional, which means you need to keep it professional when it comes to creating a profile and seeking job opportunities. There are several ways to put yourself at an advantage when it comes to using LinkedIn to find a job. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips that can go a long way during your job search process.

Build Your Profile

A single line about your skills just won’t cut it when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. Instead, you need to take the time to carefully construct your profile. The first place to start is with your professional headline. Here, you should include your job title or maybe the type of work you do like Marketing Specialist. You also need to include a summary of yourself that includes things like your experiences, awards and achievements, and any certifications. This is your chance to bring in personality. You also need to make sure you list your past work experiences and give details on the work you performed.

Use the Jobs Section

When you log into LinkedIn, you’ll notice that at the top of the page there are several tabs. One of these reads “Jobs.” When you click on this tab, it takes you to a page that displays jobs you may be interested in based on your experiences and skills. However, you can also use the search feature to find other jobs in your area, at specific companies, and/or specific job titles.

Participate In Groups

Many sites will tell you that you need to join LinkedIn groups to get noticed and to find a job. However, that’s not all you need to do. Just being part of a group won’t do you any good. Instead, you need to be active in groups. You’ll find it more beneficial to be an active member of a handful of groups rather than being a passive member of dozens. Engage other members by asking questions, posting your own questions, and commenting on comments and content.

Share Content

Being on a social media site doesn’t automatically mean you are social. You actually have to be social, which means sharing content, commenting on posts, asking questions, and answering questions. You need to think of LinkedIn as a professional community. You’ll have a lot more success if you reach out to people and actually ask for help. It can be a little intimidating, but when you build up your personal brand by sharing content, your connections are going to get to know you better and you’ll have much more success at finding your next job.

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional space, so you should avoid posting too many personal things. Instead, focus on sharing your skills, experiences, and thoughts on your specific industry. Reach out and engage members of your industry and share relevant content. Doing these things will increase your chances of finding your next job on LinkedIn.

Do you have any advice on using LinkedIn for finding a job? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave your comments, stories, and tips in the section below!

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